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Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwich

Let me start by saying that this post is not about a humble chicken salad sandwich as much as it is about my love of food,  and all things that have to do with food. A month or so ago I was given the opportunity to help my sister-in-law with her amazing new recipe book (Vegetarian Comfort Foods to be released August 2015). She had a photographer coming over to take images for her new book and needed a bit of help with the overwhelming task of preparing 70 dishes or so that were to be photographed. Of course, I jumped at the chance. What seemed a daunting task was my idea of heaven. Several hours of playing around in the kitchen with no interruptions from the wee ones? Yes, please. While preparing the dishes, I got to watch her talented photographer take beautiful images of the food we prepared. It has inspired me to work on my food photography skills a bit more and play around a bit with the backgrounds and details.

Then the other day the sun was shining in the window, highlighting the  sandwich I had made myself for lunch. It looked so perfect, like it was waiting to have it’s picture taken. It’s something I probably wouldn’t have noticed before, but I find I’m noticing these little details more since the cookbook prep. Feeling a bit silly at first, I grabbed my camera and took a picture. I thought it turned out pretty well, given there was no staging, just a bit of sunlight.

Getting back to the recipe:  I try to eat healthfully most of the time. It makes me feel good. With that being said, I’m just as likely to devour multiple helpings of home made mac n’ cheese as I am a plate of salad, if it suits my taste that day. What can I say, I like to cook, but I really like to eat. For me it’s about making those sometimes unhealthy foods I love, as healthy as possible, while still maintaining the delicious components that make those  dishes what they are. My lunch today was a great example: I love a good chicken salad sandwich. It’s something I remember having often growing up. Unfortunately, they’re not usually overly healthy given the mayonnaise they’re often loaded with. Here is my healthy makeover for a chicken salad sandwich:

Chicken Salad Sandwich

1/2 avocado

1/3 C chicken, cooked and diced

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

2 slices whole grain bread

alfalfa sprouts, lettuce or any other veggies you like


Whisk together the olive oil and vinegar. Set aside

Dice the avocado. Place it in a small bowl with the chicken, salt and pepper. Gently stir in 1/2 the vinegar mixture. Depending on your taste, you may need to add more of the vinegar mixture – I used about 3/4 of it.

Toast your bread, then spread with your chicken salad and top it off with your veggies of choice.

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